Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Marvel Dunny Zombies

Here's a sneak peak at my upcoming toy line as seen on instagram (username: hellotan)
Also, yes... the sale starts today (Nov 26th) and applies to you fine people as well!

The illustrations are WIP shots for the box art and lithograph that go along
with the set :)

email me how many you want at lotan.kritchman@gmail.com
I'll confirm by email and you must send paypal payment by the end of the order date.
This sale will last for as long as I have the 10 boxes.
The first 10 sold out in a day.
40 boxes/toys in total.

Characters and ratios:
Spiderman (6/40 with 2 variants), Wolverine (5/40 with 1 variant), Cyclops (4/40 with 1 variant), Captain America (4/40 with 1 variant), Apocalypse (3/40), Deadpool (3/40), Venom (3/40), Angel (2/40), Thor (2/40), Thanos (2/40), Magneto (2/40), Iron Man (1/40), Prof X (1/40), Hawkeye (1/40), Cable (1/40).
There will also be a secret golden ticket dunny.

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